You are Insured

Your pawn collateral is insured with ePawnMarket from the moment you initiate your online pawn loan.  We insure the luxury asset you are using as pawn collateral from the moment it leaves you hands until the moment you receive the asset back after paying off your pawn loan in full.  Protecting your personal treasure becomes our top priority and we succeed with three simple steps. Luxury valuables are insured while being shipped, while being stored in our secure facility, and while being returned to your possession. 

Pawn Collateral Insurance VaultOne of the most common concerns of our educated customers is “How will I know my valuable is safe while being securely stored by ePawnMarket?”  The answer is simple!  When you online pawn your luxury asset we understand the responsibility we take on as your online pawn shop.  You need a short term online pawn loan and we are here to help.   Take advantage of a proprietary online pawn loan process that includes insuring your luxury watch, jewelry, designer handbag, collectible, electronic, or precious metal with pawn collateral insurance. 

You need short term fast cash and you have luxury pawn collateral.  Cash out on the equity in that insured pawn collateral while retaining ownership of your pawned assets!  ePawnMarket provides you with a certificate of pawn shop collateral insurance detailing the coverage of your asset while being shipped and safely stored by our online pawn shop. 

Asset insured by Pawn Shop InsuranceAsset lending online is a concept that has been perfected here at ePawnMarket Inc.  Offering you the best in online pawn shop services is not only the foundation of our business but a personal goal of the executives in charge.  We not only insure your pawn shop collateral while being safely stored in our secure facility but we also guarantee you the best pawn deal from any online pawn shop.  Talk to one of our representatives today for details about our pawn shop guarantees and how to use your assets to access an online pawn loan where your pawn collateral is insured.  ePawnMarket's worry free process offers peace of mind when dealing with an online pawn shop.

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