Rates and Terms

Online pawn loan rates and terms from ePawnMarket make asset lending a logical option for those needing a short term secured loan. What separates us from other pawn shops is that we guarantee the lowest monthly rate and guarantee the most flexible term from any online pawn shop. Your dealing with one of the worlds largest online pawn shops and the reason we continue to make new loans every day is because we never stop improving.

Online Pawn Loan Rates and TermsOur goal is to be your personal asset lending solution and we take pride in offering a transparent online pawn loan process. Educating you about pawn loan rates and terms is a vital component of a successful online pawn transaction. Collateral based pawn loans are designed to be short term secured loans. You should never enter into a pawn loan without an achievable plan of action to pay the principle of the loan off within a reasonable amount of time. Don't forget that you may choose to never make a payment on your online pawn loan but that by doing so you are choosing to forfeit the pawn collateral you have posted as payment for the secured loan. These aspects can in fact be some of the most favorable reasons that asset lending may work for many Americans.

So what are our pawn loan rates? The over arching goal here is to offer you a short term solution to your cash needs in a manner that you can both manage and afford. One of the key variables to achieving that goal is to offer you a monthly pawn loan rate that allows room in your budget to set aside money to pay the pawn loan principle back quickly. Our rates start as low as 2.99% per month with our average monthly interest rate being 5.99%.

Online Pawn Loan Paid in FullLet's look at the pros and cons of these rates. If used properly as short term funds that means that you could access the cash equity in your luxury assets for 90 days and pay less than 9% for this short term pawn loan. The advantages are no credit checks, no credit reporting, option to repay with cash or repay with your pawn collateral, and fast turn around from application to cash in hand. The negative aspects of these monthly rates only come into play if you allow the online pawn loan to remain outstanding for longer than a reasonable amount of time. That being said there is a simple remedy. Only use pawn loan collateral that you are willing to forfeit as payment for your loan if you see that a reasonable pay off time is not possible. If you are short on time, own luxury assets but want to retain their ownership, and need money today our online pawn loan rates can work for you.

Our pawn loan terms are simple. Each collateral based pawn loan is made for an initial 30 days. At the end of 30 days you have three options. The first and most advantageous option is to pay your pawn loan off. The second option is to only pay the interest due. By choosing to pay only the interest you are opting to extend the loan for another 30 days. There is no limit to how many times you may extend your online pawn loan term but please keep in mind that ePawnMarket recommends extending no more than is reasonable given the total amount borrowed against your pawn collateral relative to the cash value of that pawn collateral. The third advantageous choice you have is to simply use the luxury asset you have used as pawn collateral as payment for the online pawn loan. After all, it's just stuff! We specialize in turning things into cash and we do our best to protect you the consumer by loaning you a mutually fair amount of fast cash against your luxury asset! Online pawn loan rates and terms from ePawnMarket are transparent with no hidden fees and no surprises.

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