History of Pawn

Gold Coins Representing the History of PawnePawnMarket Today and the History of Pawn

The online pawn shop didn't invent the idea of pawn.  Online pawn came about as a collaboration of convenience, privacy, and security of the internet to access a method of using items you already own to borrow money without actually having to sell the luxury item.  Pawning items to gain fast cash quickly is an age old practice dating back as far as 3000 years ago in China.  Most contemporary “Western Pawn Law” and pawn guidelines practiced today were initiated in Ancient Greek and Roman Empires.  It's commonly known that Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewelry to finance the excursions of Christopher Columbus while searching for what he believed to be the West Indies. 

The practice of using items of value you own to gain access to money has never been easier.  ePawnMarket has taken this basic concept coupled with proprietary evaluation and transaction processes and included fair interest rates to offer a Pawn Loan appealing to educated consumers.


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