EvaluationOur proprietary pawn collateral evaluation process includes using the latest technology along with careful examination by a qualified professional to make an appraisal of your item.

Your luxury item description will be run through our proprietary evaluation process, databases of past sales, and various up to date guides and value software.  We then make our online pawn loans based on a percentage of the evaluation of current market value. Online pawn shops differ in the total amount of fast cash they will loan you relative to your watch, jewelry, gold, silver, diamond, collectible, or other item's real time cash value. ePawnMarket guarantees you the best deal from any online pawn shop and the most fast cash for your online pawn loan.

We make every effort to ensure the item in question is owned by the customer requesting a Pawn Loan. 

Every item ePawnMarket accepts as Collateral is checked against:

  • Manufacturer's Databasis
  • Lost and Stolen Registers

We take Fraud and Intentional Misrepresentation of Ownership very seriously and prosecute violators to the full extent allowable by law.  We are a responsible Pawn Broker and we reward honest customers with fair Rates and Terms and Great Customer Service!

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