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Gold and silver have increased in value significantly over the past few years.   Will this trend continue or will the value of precious metals drop?   We all would love to know, right?   Well ePawnMarket offers an interesting alternative for those who own precious metals but may need fast cash for a short time.   Online pawn loans from ePawnMarket guarantee the best rate and terms for short term collateral loans from any online pawn shop.   You may not be ready to sell your precious metal assets but cashing out for a few months would help out your current financial needs!  Pawn loans have been around for thousands of years.  Pawning gold and silver to access cash without giving up ownership of the metals dates back to Queen Isabella of Spain who pawned gold to finance the Columbus voyage!  Online pawn shop by ePawnMarket has made this service available to even the most educated and demanding precious metal investors.  Talk to one of our agents today and let's discuss a solution that's just right for you!




100 oz silver bar Item: 100oz. Silver Bar
Description: Engelhard 100oz. Bar of .999 Pure Silver. In case.
Evaluation: Bar in great condition from Engelhard.
Loan Amount: $3,000

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