Pawn collectibles are unique, often nostalgic, and most importantly valuable!  Every day our online pawn shop receives short term fast cash loan applications from people just like you.  Pawn collectibles are a perfect collateral for an online pawn loan.   ePawnMarket's evaluation department has almost an unfair advantage when it comes to getting you the most fast cash when using your collectible as collateral for a short term online pawn loan.   Our staff includes several life long collectors of high end items including sports memorabilia, historical artifacts, movie and cinema items, and more!  We guarantee the best deal from an online pawn shop. 



  • Sports memorabilia
  • Antiques
  • Other small collectibles


Sports Items

Item: Vintage Baseball Card Collection
Description: Vast vintage baseball card collection that includes Topps sets from '64 – '75, a ton of ungraded vintage stars and commons.
Evaluation: '64 – '70 sets are in EX – EX/MT overall condition, '71 – '75 are in slightly better overall condition EX/MT – EX/MT+/NM. Most individual stars outside of the sets are in at least EX condition with some really nice NM examples.
Loan Amount: $8,000

Item: 1952 Topps # Mickey Mantle PSA 3
Description: PSA 3 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle graded PSA 3.
Evaluation: Nice example of PSA 3 VG. Case in good condition with no scratches
Loan Amount: $4,500

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