Pawn Collateral allows you to access fast cash without any credit check or qualification. 

Pawn Shop Collateral DiamondOnline pawn shops secure repayment of a fast cash online pawn loan by holding pawn collateral while the secured loan is being paid back.  In lending agreements, collateral is a borrower's specific property such as a luxury watch, pawn jewelry, pawn gold, pawn silver, designer bag, or collectible that acts as a secondary method of repayment if the borrower is unable to simply pay the secured loan in full.  EpawnMarket will consider any item of value you may have as pawn shop collateral for a short term secured loan provided the luxury item can be either shipped by Federal Express or hand delivered to our secure facility.  One advantage of our online pawn services is that we accept items as pawn shop collateral that traditional banks and lending institutions do not make loans against. 

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Pawn collateral should always be used responsibly by potential pawn shop borrowers.  In the event that you are unable to repay you online pawn loan as agreed upon your pawn shop collateral will be sold and the proceeds will be used to pay the online pawn loan in full.   Many ePawnMarket customers use this knowledge in their favor realizing that they may or may not choose to repay their pawn loan depending on the circumstances existing at the time payment is due.   There are no negative credit reports and no consequences to not paying back your online pawn loan other than forfeiting your pawn collateral as a secondary method of repayment. 

Rolex for Pawn Shop CollateralPawn shop collateral comes in many shapes, forms, and values!   You may have several pieces of jewelry that collectively have enough value to secure a pawn loan that meets your needs.  In turn you may have a single luxury watch that commands a real time cash resale value exceeding your pawn loan requirements.  No matter your circumstances ePawnMarket will go to great length offering you a custom online pawn loan to fit your situation.  Our online pawn shop will even consider antiques, collectibles, and artwork as pawn collateral.  Review some of our pawn collateral examples and see how we evaluate your pawn collateral.  Take a moment to fill out a Get Started Today form to see just how much ePawnMarket will offer you.   We turn “Things into Cash” and bring the simplicity of pawn transactions to the middle and upper class America.


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Pawn shop collateral examples include jewelry, watches, gold and silver, electronics, and collectibles

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