Our Team

Daniel A Delnoce  Daniel A. Delnoce

   Director of Marketing and Sales


  Dan's role at ePawnMarket Inc. is keeping us in the forefront of the online pawn industry.  His marketing strategies are unique and often radical!  Nothing gets in this guy's way and nothing stops his progress when he sets his sights on a goal.


Andy M AndersonAndy M. Anderson

Director of Processing and Logistics


ePawnMarket Inc is a pawning, evaluating, and processing machine!  Andy has been there every step of the way building this efficient engine piece by piece.  He is meticulous and strategic and keeps our automated process running at top speed!


Jenn Follin

Director of Compliance and Consumer Relations


Our corporation doesn't exist without you our customers!  No one reminds us of that more than Jenn!   She sees our entire company through the eyes of a customer and acts as consumer advocate to our process.  Her innovative ideas make us more user friendly everyday!


Christine Ostroski

Director of Financing and Administration


Christine dots the “I's” and crosses the “T's!”   She makes certain our financial department and partners are offering you the most up to date services available and keeps check of their progress daily.  She is critical and demanding!  Everything you want from a person guarding your assets!


Our Staff!


We cant tell you enough about our competent staff of employees that carry out the day to day functions here at ePawnMarket Inc.   These guys make it all happen!


Board of Directors


Our administrative leaders realized from early on that collaboration was key to success.  The online pawn industry was uncharted territory.   Thus we elected a Board of Directors including professionals in law, web developing, programming, underwriting, insurance, and venture capitalist.   To our board, we can't thank you enough for your guidance, service, and dedication.