Online pawn shop (ePawnMarket) in the news!

Hardcore Pawn's Ashley Broad (Gold) and featured together in Woman's Day Magazine March 2013 edition.

ONLINE PAWN SHOP jump starts Hope-A-Thon in Columbia, South Carolina "READ MORE" 

Sacramento Bee in Sacramento, California says ONLINE PAWN SHOP "Clicks with customers."

Online Pawn Shop Executives Live On-Air as Industry Experts and Consumer Advocates

Online Pawn Shop “TOE to TOE” with Consumer Protection Expert Live on TV!

ePawnMarket on TV!

ePawnMarket is one of the World's largest online pawn shops and recently was asked to represent the online pawn industry on set at WIS NEWSWATCH channel 10 in Columbia, South Carolina.  Host Ben Hoover discussed the online pawn business model with ePawnMarket owners Andy M. Anderson and Daniel A. Delnoce.  Following the online pawn shop segment WIS NEWSWATCH interviewed a consumer advocate to explore the pros and cons of online pawn for fast cash.  Learn the pros and cons from a consumer advocate here.

Special thanks to Ben Hoover and WIS NEWSWATCH 10 for allowing ePawnMarket to share these segments.