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I needed cash to pay bills.  With Christmas coming I felt like the walls were closing in.  All I needed was a little help to get into the new year.  I pawned 2 items - it was fast and easy.  I received $5000.00 within 24 hours!!   All without anyone knowing I needed the help.   Thank You ePawnMarket.   (Atlanta GA)


We just had our first child and I had several complications that kept me from going back to work.  We needed some extra cash for a month or so until my income got back on track.  We couldn’t get a loan but we had valuable items that I didn't want to sell.  I was afraid of how people would "view me" but this was all online and private.  I got 10,000.00 for 90 days and ePawnMarket will allow me to renew my loan longer without increasing my rate.  They made it easy every step of the way.   (Pheonix Arizona)


I have always been a provider for my family until I was recently laid off.  I have pieced things together but struggled.  We hit a rough patch in life and needed a little extra cash for a few months.  I used the equity from my past to cash in and help me out. I paid off my pawn loan and got ALL my items back.  I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing!!   (Virginia)


My wife and I both have been very successful in life.   Over the years we have accumulated a lot of valuables that we tried to sell but had zero luck.   In the past year both of our incomes crashed and the lifestyle we were accustomed to living was impossible to maintain.  A friend at work recommended ePawnMarket.  I'll admit I was skeptical right up until they paid for overnight shipping, provided me with an insurance certificate, and deposited almost $18,000.00 into my account!  I needed this money in a bad way! Thank you ePawnMarket.  (Napa Valley)