About Us

About UsHello and Welcome! 

Thank you for joining us here at ePawnMarket's Online Pawn Shop.  

Most importantly we are first about you!  We do not exist without you our customers and we are constantly improving to keep ePawnMarket.com the top choice!

ePawnMarket secured pawn loans are funded by a multimillion dollar collaboration of traditional financing and private investors.   We utilize the services of Wells Fargo, Authorize.net, and ACH Deposits to demonstrate our commitment to financial stability and proven success.

Our staff is always accessible and here to assist you every step of the way.  The ePawnMarket team includes specialist in fields such as gemology, collectibles, jewelry, and high end time pieces.   Our board of directors is comprised of professionals in law, web developing, programming, underwriting, insurance, and venture capitalist.  At the heart of ePawnMarket lies traditional administrative positions managing the entire process.  This solid foundation has launched us to the forefront of ONLINE PAWN SHOPS.

The internal focus is “Collaboration” and utilizing individual talents to offer unmatched service and responsible support.  We are consumer advocates committed to offering a flexible and reliable product to you our customer.

Together we are ePawnMarket Inc.