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When you need cash fast the online pawn shop is here to help offering a unique type of asset lending.  Get a secured loan today using luxury assets you already own as collateral for a short term online pawn loan.  The online collateral based loan process is safe, convenient, and fast depositing money into your checking account in as little as 24 hours!  You are dealing with one of the World's largest online pawn shops and we are here when you need secure asset lending services.

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How it Works 

The online pawn shop and asset lending concept is simple!   Access the cash equity in your luxury valuables, maintain the ownership of your beloved items, and avoid the time consuming and labor intensive process of selling your treasured possessions.  You need cash and we have funds to lend.  You have luxury assets that you aren't ready to part with and the online pawn loan process is right for you. 

  • Decide how much cash you need and make sure the resell value of your luxury asset can cover that amount.
  • The funds will be directly deposited into your personal checking account.
  • In one month either pay the pawn loan off, pay only the interest due to extend, or pay nothing and use your pawn collateral to settle the loan.  

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Get a secured loan today against items your bank will not consider acceptable collateral. Low monthly interest & flexible repayment!